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Our service is our pride

Making sure your focus is on growth while ours is on managing your operations

We will try not to sound like a sales company because we want to add value to your business and we want you to have time to think about growth. Leave the customer complaints to us, the system issues, the operational inefficiencies, and chasing the customers for feedback and satisfaction scores.

Experienced Staff

We are a team of experienced managers and employees. We are proud to say that the company is represented by us, and we represent the company.

24/7 Support

We sleep with our eyes open, so your customers always get the service you pay for. We have backup staff and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure the best service is provided.

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About Us

Delivering Outcomes and Satisfactions

We have seen the highs and lows, and we understand the risks behind running a business. We know the importance of customer satisfaction and how crucial every order is at this stage. We have experience and training in every service-based or product-based business. You can commit to the SLA, and we will make sure they are delivered.

Humanised Calls

We love our job, so every hello is with full enthusiasm and energy. The first 10 seconds of the call generally decide the next 10 minutes. We leave no opportunity for a customer to feel unsatisfied. 

Customer service and support

Over the years we have understood that customer service is not a job, it is a PASSION. Let us live by our passion and you can enjoy the amazing customer feedbacks.

If your business or business function is?

Electrical and Hvac



Furniture Store

Insurance Claims

Medical billing

Small and Medium Businesses


Our services

Our core services

We do not promise bells and whistles; we promise what we can deliver. Can we do sales? YES ! Can we do customer service? YES !. Is there anything that Outsource Hub can’t do? Yes,  we cannot use AI to deliver human-like results.

Business Operations

Why deal with business functions that can be outsourced without breaking your back? Let us handle the heavy lifting. Business operations such as:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Scrapping
  • Book Keeping
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • IT Help Desk / System Management
  •  Virtual Receptionist
  • Market Research
  • Billing, Coding, and Patient Management
  • Application Lodgement
  • Estimate and Quote Follow-up
  • Insurance Assessment Reporting

Hello, my name is Assist

Hi Assist, your service is good.

Customer Support and Service

Customer service is mostly ignored across all businesses, thinking customers are going to complain no matter how good the service is.

Do you know that a minimum of 25% of the revenue is generated by returning customers?

Make the most of your database; let the customers feel they are heard; they are precious, and your business cares about their opinion.

We just don’t deal with complaints; we also:

  • Attend to sales calls
  • Resolve unresolved matters
  • Read disclaimers and verbatims
  • Do your follow-ups
  • Attend to e-commerce related queries
  • Chats, emails and phone calls
  • Provide update on their order, technician, or enquiry.

Website Design and Development

Do you get inundated with emails and messages about how amazing your website can be and how your current website lacks life-saving functionality? 

Well, don’t stress; we are not selling you anything! In fact, we are offering this for FREE!

A brand new website or a redesign of your current website. Talk to us, and we will make it for free for you. *Fair use policy apply.

Ticketing and Helpdesk

Handling support tickets, customer queries, billing enquiries, insurance reporting, or even ATO follow-up. It is overwhelming. What we can do is:

  • First-level IT support for in-house and external customers
  • Management of ticketing system
  • Product enquiries, order tracking and issue resolution
  • IT helpdesk
  • Email and chat support sessions
  • Incident management
  • Receptionist service
  • Event ticketing support

If you haven't booked your coffee yet, then there is something we are missing!
Tell us

We know not all customers like coffee! Hence a TEA option for you.

Still not convinced !
What are your thoughts on a free CRM?

A CRM is where you manage your customers, enquiries, leads, and invoices. A platform to get organised and never miss an opportunity.


Frequently asked questions

Do you know

FAQ were written by businesses to rank of google? But not anymore, google has stopped taking schema FAQ seriously. 
But our are for you! read and see.

We are the salt for your food; we are the team that works dedicatedly for your business. We support you when you need it and advocate for you when we can. We are a loyal group, and we value our relationships. We are in demand because we value commitments more than sleep. We are never away and are always ready to learn.

Sure, lets start with the free service we offer. We can work on your website design and development. You can see the efficiency and then we can talk about your processes and business functions.

We have heard this a lot, and every time we get you a coffee, we walk out with your business. We won't say trust us; we will say try us. You won't know the depth of the water unless you step in it.

We guarantee your data security. If any data loss has occurred through us then we will work for your for FREE till the next 3 months. Our security protocol, systems and integrity is too strong.

Our Newsletters

We don’t spam; we share amazing marketing and sales insights for you. What we need to know is your industry.

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